What does hair manicure mean?

Rishiri Kombu Hair Colour Treatment is a 'hair manicure' product. The term hair manicure is not very well known outside of Japan yet, but it is a popular form of hair colouring in Japan at home and in hair salons.

The fundamental difference between a hair manicure and other hair dyes is that it does not damage your hair by permeating the individual hairs as with permanent chemical hair dyes.

Simply put, it coats the hair shaft with colour (hence the 'manicure' name), and the more you use it, the more colour there is on your hair. It can also protect your hair. The product does not wash out, but the colour will gradually fade over time if you stop using the product.

Unlike similar products such as henna, our product has no odour and is very easy to use. Your first application may require a longer length of time (15-30 minutes) but for subsequent applications, you can leave the treatment on for as little as 10 minutes before rinsing. We recommend using the product once a week. You may not see a massive difference on your first application depending on your hair-type, but it should become more noticeable upon repeated applications. You can also apply the treatment to clean, dry hair (i.e. after shampooing and letting dry) to improve results.

Do colour results vary from person to person?

Rishiri Kombu Hair Colour Treatment is a manicure-type hair colour that coats the surface of the hair. Colour sticks to the surface of the hair, so how much the colour sticks and how long it lasts can vary from person to person depending on your hair's condition and your shampoo routine.

How often should I use Rishiri Kombu hair colour treatment?

This varies from person to person, but as it only takes as little as ten minutes, we would recommend using once a week. You can use it more frequently or less frequently depending on your preferred result.

How quickly should I use it up after opening?

Please try to use up the product within three months of opening. We recommend that you use the product as soon as possible because it does not contain any strong preservatives such as parabens.

Which shade is best for me?

Pick a colour closest to your own hair colour for a natural looking result. As this product was first formulated for East Asian hair, we only offer three colours at present.

Light brown is a lighter brown with hint of red.

Dark brown is a darker brown colour that blends in with black hair. It is a popular colour among people who have a lot of grey hair and want to colour their hair a slightly lighter colour.

Black is not pitch black like ink, but is a natural tint of dark grey. It is not a harsh black and looks good on both men and women.

Both the dark brown and black colours are natural colours that blend well with black hair.

We have colour samples on our website, so please have a look at those when trying to pick a suitable colour.

Can men use this too?

This product is suitable for men and women.

Can you colour hair other than the hair on your head?

Do not use this colour on other parts of your body other than your scalp hair.

Is there a chance of a reaction when colouring your hair?

We use safe and gentle ingredients, but as skin sensitivity varies from person to person we cannot guarantee that allergic reactions or skin sensitivity will not occur for individuals with very sensitive skin. Always carry out a patch test 48 hours before each use and check for your skin for any potential reaction.

See below for information on patch testing.

How can I look after my hair colour?

Use a gentle SLS-free shampoo and conditioner. It is important to keep hair well moisturised. UV rays can damage all hair (not just coloured hair), so if you are outside for extended periods protect your hair by wearing a hat or using a parasol.

What shampoo and conditioner should I use to look after my coloured hair?

We recommend our own Rishiri Kombu Shampoo and Conditioner range because they are SLS-free and gentle enough that they will not strip the colour from your hair. They are great for all hair types, but especially ageing and damaged hair, as they do not strip them of moisture and oils in the way that some shampoos with harsh surfactants can. In addition, the silicone-free formula of the shampoo really nourishes your newly coloured hair to make it look its best!

Will it change my original hair colour?

Rishiri Kombu Hair Colour Treatment is a manicure-type product that colours your grey hairs.



If I mix two colours together, will it result in a colour between the two?

We do not recommend mixing two colours as it can cause uneven colour results. Please use a single colour.

Can I use it on dry hair?

Yes, you can use Rishiri Hair Colour Treatment on dry hair too. When using on dry hair, leave it on for a longer period (from 30 minutes to 1 hour), then rise off with lukewarm water until the water runs clear and no more colour runs out before shampooing. (No need to follow up with conditioner).

How long should I leave Rishiri Kombu hair colour on?

Rishiri Hair Colour Treatment can be used on wet shampooed hair or dry hair. If using on wet hair, then leave on for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse out.

If using on dry hair, then leave it on for a longer period (from 30 minutes to 1 hour) for best colour results.

(For your first application, we recommend a longer application time. Apply for 15-30 minutes on clean wet hair.)

Should I wear a hair cap while I wait?

Rishiri Kombu Hair Colour Treatment colours well with heat retention, so using a hair cap can improve results. If you do not have a hair cap, cling film can also be used. Why not try cling film on difficult parts such as your temples or short hairs?

My hair didn't change colour dramatically. What can I do to improve the colour?

Colour results will vary from person to person and you may not notice a massive difference on your first application, but do not despair. Try the following tips to improve your results:

  • Try applying to clean and dry hair
  • Increase the application time
  • If you have only recently started using the product, use it frequently in the beginning to build up the colour.
  • Use a hair cap to help with heat retention during application.


Can I use it on my bare hands?

You can use it on your bare hands. However, if used on dry hands, the colour can stain and become difficult to remove, so always apply using wet hands. Wash off with soap and water immediately after use. If you have manicured hands or are worried about staining your nails, use gloves.



Even though our product is a gentle formula, we cannot guarantee that allergic reactions or skin sensitivity will not occur for individuals with very sensitive skin. Always carry out a patch test before use.

Why do I have to do a patch test every time? I’ve used hair colour for years without any problems. Everyone’s skin is different and our skin sensitivity changes over time, which is why you must always carry out a patch test before EACH use.

You may have used the product before without any problems, but since then your skin may have become sensitive due to seasonal changes (the effect of dryness in winter for example) or a change in your physical condition. Always carry out a patch test two days before colouring your hair.

If you notice or feel any irregularity in your skin, stop use immediately.

See below for information on patch testing.

How should I carry out the 48-hour patch test?

  • Put a small amount of treatment (about the size of a pearl) on a plate. Add a drop of water and mix with cotton bud.
  • Apply some of the diluted Rishiri Kombu Hair Treatment for Grey Hair to the inside of your forearm and spread to the size of a two pence piece.
  • Do not touch the patch test spot and leave for 48 hours.
  • If you have no reaction (e.g. reddening, itchiness, etc) after 48 hours, then please go ahead and use the product.

What should I do if I get dry skin during of the patch test?

If there is a rash, redness, itchiness, foaming, irritation or any skin abnormality in the test spot during the patch test, do not rub but wash it off and immediately stop using the product. Do not use the product even to colour your hair. Always carry out a patch test two days (48 hours) before you plan to use the hair colour.

Can I bathe during the 48-hour patch test?

Try to bathe as little as possible during the patch test. When bathing, avoid rubbing the test spot or getting it wet. If it gets wet and fades, then apply in the same way to the same place, and continue the patch test.

Do I have to test for 48 hours?

Yes. You must test your skin properly to check if you have sensitive skin. Make sure you test for the full 48 hours.

Can I use the product if I am pregnant, nursing or taking medication?

When pregnant, nursing or taking medicine, your body is in a very delicate condition and your body may react differently to colouring than usual. Even if you have used a product in the past without any problems, you may develop a reaction to the product. If you have any medical concerns, please check with your doctor first before using the product.

Can it be used at the same time as perms (chemical hair straightening etc.)?

If you have permed your hair or used any other hair dye, please leave around 2-3 weeks’ interval before using this product. It may cause your hair to change colour.

Even if you wait around 2-3 weeks, your hair may change colour or your perm may not take.

Can I use it over henna?

If your hair has been coloured with henna, it can leave a residue that makes it difficult for your hair to absorb colour, so we recommend waiting 2-3 months before using our product.

Can I use it together with hair straighteners or heat styling tools?

Heat of over 80°C can ruin the colouring of Rishiri Hair Colour Treatment, so avoid hot temperatures and frequent use of heat styling tools.

Will the colour run?

Rishiri Kombu Hair Colour Treatment is a manicure-type hair colour that coats the surface of the hair. If you have not rinsed sufficiently, colour may run if your hair gets wet from perspiration or rain. Avoid getting your hair wet due to rain or sweat on the day after you colour your hair.

Will it colour highlights?

If used on highlighted hair, the highlighted hairs may be coloured unevenly. It is not suitable for highlights.

What should I do if...?

I tried it out, and there is a bit of itchiness and a small rash, but I like it because it does not smell and it is additive free. Can I continue using it? Rishiri Kombu Hair Colour Treatment is an additive-free product that is designed to be gentle on your skin, but your skin may be intolerant to one of the ingredients, which is why you have a rash or itchiness. If you continue using the product, the symptoms may get worse. Stop using the product and consult your doctor or dermatologist.

The hair colour is on my bath or tiles. How do I get it off?

If you leave it on a bathroom surface, it will stain and become difficult to remove. If it has got on a bathroom surface, do not scrub, but use a bathroom cleaner to remove.

*Do not scrub as scrubbing may cause the colour to penetrate into the tile or bath tub material.

After bathing, make sure to clean around the bath and drain areas.


Rishiri Kombu Hair Colour Pen FAQs

How should I use the product?

For best results, spread the hair colour thinly using the brush. Click the button once, then spread thinly along the length of your hair. If there is any part that is not completely covered up, click the button again and coat those parts with more colour for a good, even result. If you click twice and then spread the product, you may get lumps or the colour may run. You may not be able to spread the colour along your hair if you use too much.

What should I do if it gets on my hands or skin?

Wash it off before it dries, or wipe it off with a damp piece of cotton wool or an old towel. Check in a mirror to make sure that it is not on your hands, skin or forehead. If it is on your clothes, wash off immediately. If you leave it, it may stain and become difficult to remove.

I had my hair permed or coloured my hair just the other day at a salon, can I still use the pen?

If you have permed your hair or used any other hair dye, please leave around 2-3 weeks’ interval before using this product to ensure you get the desired colour result and avoid colour change.

How much should I use each time? How long does each pen last?

It varies from person to person, but if you are using it on greys on the hairline, each pen should last around 50 times if you use two clicks per use. Click the button gently and slowly. If you click it too hard, the product may run.

Should I shampoo my hair on the day I use it?

The colour on your hair can stain bedding, so we recommend washing your hair before going to bed on the day you use this product. (We recommend using our Tokimeki Natural Shampoo and Conditioner, which look after your colour and also promote strength and shine.)

Can I apply colour after styling products?

We do not recommend using the pen after applying a styling products as the colour will not stick to your hair.

I’m also using Rishiri Kombu hair colour treatment, can I use the pen too?

Of course! Rishiri Kombu Hair Colour Treatment is designed to colour your whole head, Rishiri Kombu Hair Colour Pen is designed for convenient touch-ups when you are getting ready to go out.

Will the colour run if I sweat?

It is a manicure-type hair colour, so if you sweat heavily or your hair gets wet in the rain, there is a chance that the colour may run. Please avoid wearing hats after use as the colour may transfer onto the material.